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CAPABILITY STATEMENT Sample Template Title this document Capability Statement Show your logo and contact information with a specific person s name phone and email. TargetGov Tip This is a CONTENT template not a design template. Use short sentences followed by keyword heavy bullet points Create a new document for each agency prime or teaming opportunity Tailor each Capability Statement to the agency mission or specific opportunity Call this document a Capability Statement Preferably this...
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As a business owner you want to win government contracts maybe you've tried but haven't had the level of success that you wanted or maybe your brand new and you want to break into the drummer space but you need the right tools and one of the most powerful tool that you can have is a capability statement in this course you will learn how to create a powerful capability statement so you can win more government contracts so what will you learn in this course you will learn how to avoid marketing mistakes that business is making the government space you want you will learn why it is important to have a credibility statement you also learn the benefits of having a capability statement you learned what happens if you have a bad or no cat the building state matter at all in the government space you learn what it is not you also learn what a capability statement is and then you'll learn that there are different versions for different purposes in the film space you learn the six seasons of creating a capability statement those are the contents indicated statement and you'll also learn how to use your credibility statement you also learn why you need to have a capability statement what are the components within the capability statement how do you create a capability statement and where can you get templates or samples actually in this course you I provide you with multiple samples of capability statement in documents that you can just write over it and have a starting point for your business you learn how to market your cable bill is stable even with contracts and you'll learn tips of how to be more successful using your capability statement to win this course includes a step-by-step guide on how to create a powerful capability statement samples and templates so you can start editing and use immediately short and long term versions of different capabilities statements also training on how to find agency primes and other companies so that you can send your capabilities statements to as well as marketing techniques and how to find and how to market to these different agencies includes email samples so that you can just add your name and use these marketing emails to directly go to the agencies that you want to send it to and plus a lot more